Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The sale of Video games down.

      Video games are a big hobby in the entertainment world.  Millions of people world wide are exposed to systems, games, gaming experiences, and gaming ads.  It is hard to imagine how many games are being played at this very moment.  Recently, however, gaming companies are doing the best they can to make games appeal more to the user.  There is a problem with this however, as games captivate more people they will generally tend to play fewer games in comparison to many games.  This may probably stem from the game mentally stimulating the parts of the brain in which a person feels content playing something.  Due to this however many people are purchasing less games, and sticking close to their favorites.  This lead to the decline in sales of recent video games.  In October of 2009, the gaming industry brought in $1.11 billion.  This October it has brought in only $1.07 billion. According to sale's statistics, game systems grossed low to mid average for the month, with the Nintendo DS being on top, and Microsoft's Xbox seeing the only increase in sales.  It is important to take into consideration that these statistics are tied to the physical distribution of games and gaming systems, and does not include all revenue from digital distribution.

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